Can I no longer use information from the Unity Manual?

Oh, please do! We reused as much as possible of the built-in Unity render pipeline. The Graphics section of the Unity Manual still has a lot of good stuff. In the documentation for LWRP, you'll find cross references to the Graphics manual, whenever something's already explained there.

So what do I need this documentation for?

Because this is where you'll read specifically about LWRP. Because LWRP is a package that requires for you to download, we're keeping the docs specific to that package separate from the general user Manual.

Can I use LWRP and HDRP at the same time?

No. They're both built on the Scriptable Render Pipelines, but their render paths and light models are different.

Can I convert from one pipeline to the other?

Yes! To do so, you'll have to re-write your assets and revisit your lighting strategy for your game or app.

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