Color Mask Node


Creates a mask from values in input In equal to input Mask Color. Input Range can be used to define a wider range of values around input Mask Color to create the mask. Colors within this range will return 1, otherwise the node will return 0. Input Fuzziness can be used to soften the edges around the selection similar to anti-aliasing.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
In Input Vector 3 None Input value.
Mask Color Input Vector 3 Color Color to use for mask.
Range Input Vector 1 None Select colors within this range from input Mask Color.
Fuzziness Input Vector 1 None Feather edges around selection. Higher values result in a softer selection mask.
Out Output Vector 1 None Output mask value.

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

void Unity_ColorMask_float(float3 In, float3 MaskColor, float Range, float Fuzziness, out float4 Out)
    float Distance = distance(MaskColor, In);
    Out = saturate(1 - (Distance - Range) / max(Fuzziness, 1e-5));