Dielectric Specular Node


Returns a Dielectric Specular F0 value for a physically based material. The material to use can be selected with the Material dropdown parameter on the Node.

A Common Material type defines a range between 0.034 and 0.048 sRGB values. The value between this range can be selected with the Range parameter. This Material type should be used for various materials such as plastics and fabrics.

You can use Custom material type to define your own physically based material value. The output value in this case is defined by its index of refraction. This can be set by the parameter IOR.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
Out Output Vector 1 None Output value


Name Type Options Description
Material Dropdown Common, RustedMetal, Water, Ice, Glass, Custom Selects the material value to output.
Range Slider Controls output value for Common material type.
IOR Slider Controls index of refraction for Custom material type.

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node per Material mode.


float _DielectricSpecular_Range = 0.5;
float _DielectricSpecular_Out = lerp(0.034, 0.048, _DielectricSpecular_Range);


float _DielectricSpecular_Out = 0.030;


float _DielectricSpecular_Out = 0.020;


float _DielectricSpecular_Out = 0.018;


float _DielectricSpecular_Out = 0.040;


float _DielectricSpecular_IOR = 1;
float _DielectricSpecular_Out = pow(_Node_IOR - 1, 2) / pow(_DielectricSpecular_IOR + 1, 2);