Inverse Lerp Node


Returns the linear parameter that produces the interpolant specified by input T within the range of input A to input B.

Inverse Lerp is the inverse operation of the Lerp Node. It can be used to determine what the input to a Lerp was based on its output.

For example, the value of a Lerp between 0 and 2 with a T value of 1 is 0.5. Therefore the value of an Inverse Lerp between 0 and 2 with a T value of 0.5 is 1.


Name Direction Type Description
A Input Dynamic Vector First input value
B Input Dynamic Vector Second input value
T Input Dynamic Vector Time value
Out Output Dynamic Vector Output value

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

void Unity_InverseLerp_float4(float4 A, float4 B, float4 T, out float4 Out)
    Out = (T - A)/(B - A);