Note: This page is subject to change during the 2019.1 beta cycle.

Getting started with LWRP

To use the Lightweight Render Pipeline, you can either start a new Project or upgrade an existing one.

Once you have Project with LWRP, you must create a Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) Asset, and then configure the Graphics settings for your Project.

The following sub-chapters detail how to: - Create a new Project with LWRP - Upgrade an existing Project to LWRP - Configure LWRP for use, including creating an SRP Asset and changing the Graphics settings.

Note: Projects made using LWRP are not compatible with the High Definition Render Pipeline or the built-in Unity rendering pipeline. This is because the three render pipelines use different lighting models. Before you start development, you must decide which render pipeline to use in your Project.

Note: Built-in and custom Lit Shaders do not work with the Lightweight Render Pipeline. Instead, LWRP has a new set of standard shaders. If you upgrade a current Project to LWRP, you can upgrade built-in shaders to the new ones.