Fog Node


Provides access to the Scene's Fog parameters.

Note: The behavior of this Node is undefined globally. Shader Graph does not define the function of the node. Instead, each Render Pipeline defines what HLSL code to execute for this Node.

Different Render Pipelines may produce different results. If you're building a shader in one Render Pipeline that you want to use in both, try checking it in both pipelines before production. A Node might be defined in one Render Pipeline and undefined in the other. If this Node is undefined, it returns 0 (black).

Unity Pipelines Supported

  • Lightweight Render Pipeline


Name Direction Type Binding Description
Position Output Vector 3 Position (object space) Mesh vertex/fragment's position
Color Output Vector 4 None Fog color
Density Output Vector 1 None Fog density at the vertex or fragment's clip space depth

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

void Unity_Fog_float(float3 Position, out float4 Color, out float Density)
    SHADERGRAPH_FOG(Position, Color, Density);