Replace Color Node


Replaces values in input In equal to input From to the value of input To. Input Range can be used to define a wider range of values around input From to replace. Input Fuzziness can be used to soften the edges around the selection similar to anti-aliasing.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
In Input Vector 3 None Input value
From Input Vector 3 Color Color to replace
To Input Vector 3 Color Color to replace with
Range Input Vector 1 None Replace colors within this range from input From
Fuzziness Input Vector 1 None Soften edges around selection
Out Output Vector 3 None Output value

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

void Unity_ReplaceColor_float(float3 In, float3 From, float3 To, float Range, float Fuzziness, out float3 Out)
    float Distance = distance(From, In);
    Out = lerp(To, In, saturate((Distance - Range) / max(Fuzziness, 1e-5f)));