Ellipse Node


Generates an ellipse shape based on input UV at the size specified by inputs Width and Height. The generated shape can be offset or tiled by connecting a Tiling And Offset Node. Note that in order to preserve the ability to offset the shape within the UV space the shape will not automatically repeat if tiled. To achieve a repeating dot effect first connect your input through a Fraction Node.

NOTE: This Node can only be used in the Fragment Shader Stage.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
UV Input Vector 2 UV Input UV value
Width Input Vector 1 None Ellipse width
Height Input Vector 1 None Ellipse height
Out Output Vector 1 None Output value

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

void Unity_Ellipse_float(float2 UV, float Width, float Height, out float4 Out)
    float d = length((UV * 2 - 1) / float2(Width, Height));
    Out = saturate((1 - d) / fwidth(d));