Sample Texture 2D Array Node


Samples a Texture 2D Array and returns a Vector 4 color value for use in the shader. You can override the UV coordinates using the UV input and define a custom Sampler State using the Sampler input. Use the Index input to specify which index of the array to sample.

NOTE: This Node can only be used in the Fragment shader stage.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
Texture Array Input Texture 2D Array None Texture 2D Array to sample
Index Input Vector 1 None Index of array to sample
UV Input Vector 2 UV Mesh's normal vector
Sampler Input Sampler State Default sampler state Sampler for the texture
RGBA Output Vector 4 None Output value as RGBA
R Output Vector 1 None red (x) component of RGBA output
G Output Vector 1 None green (y) component of RGBA output
B Output Vector 1 None blue (z) component of RGBA output
A Output Vector 1 None alpha (w) component of RGBA output

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

float4 _SampleTexture2DArray_RGBA = SAMPLE_TEXTURE2D_ARRAY(Texture, Sampler, UV, Index);
float _SampleTexture2DArray_R = _SampleTexture2DArray_RGBA.r;
float _SampleTexture2DArray_G = _SampleTexture2DArray_RGBA.g;
float _SampleTexture2DArray_B = _SampleTexture2DArray_RGBA.b;
float _SampleTexture2DArray_A = _SampleTexture2DArray_RGBA.a;