Fresnel Effect Node


Fresnel Effect is the effect of differing reflectance on a surface depending on viewing angle, where as you approach the grazing angle more light is reflected. The Fresnel Effect node approximates this by calculating the angle between the surface normal and the view direction. The wider this angle is, the greater the return value will be. This effect is often used to achieve rim lighting, common in many art styles.


Name Direction Type Description
Normal Input Vector 3 Normal direction. By default bound to World Space Normal
View Dir Input Vector 3 View direction. By default bound to World Space View Direction
Power Input Vector 1 Exponent of the power calculation
Out Output Vector 1 Output value

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

void Unity_FresnelEffect_float(float3 Normal, float3 ViewDir, float Power, out float Out)
    Out = pow((1.0 - saturate(dot(normalize(Normal), normalize(ViewDir)))), Power);