Sampler State Node


Defines a Sampler State for sampling textures. It should be used in conjunction with sampling Nodes such as the Sample Texture 2D Node. You can set a filter mode with the dropdown parameter Filter and a wrap mode with the dropdown parameter Wrap.

When using a separate Sample State Node you can sample a Texture 2D twice, with different sampler parameters, without defining the Texture 2D itself twice.

Some filtering and wrap modes are only available on certain platforms.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
Out Output Sampler State None Output value


Name Type Options Description
Filter Dropdown Linear, Point, Trilinear Defines filtering mode for sampling.
Wrap Dropdown Repeat, Clamp, Mirror, MirrorOnce Defines wrap mode for sampling.

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

SamplerState _SamplerState_Out = _SamplerState_Linear_Repeat_sampler;