Shader Graoh Window


The Shader Graph Window contains the workspace for creating shaders using the Shader Graph system. To open the Shader Graph Window you must first create a Shader Graph Asset. For more information see the Getting Started section.

The Shader Graph window contains various individual elements such as the Blackboard and Master Preview. These elements can be moved inside the workspace. They will automatically anchor to the nearest corner when scaling the Shader Graph Window.

Title Bar

The title bar at the top of the Shader Graph Window contains actions that can be performed on the Graph.

Item Description
Save Asset Saves the graph to update the Shader Graph Asset
Show In Project Hightlights the Shader Graph Asset in the Project Window


The workspace is where you create Node networks. You can navigate the workspace by holding Alt and left mouse button to pan and zoom with the scroll wheel.

You can hold left mouse button and drag to select multiple Nodes with a marquee. There are also various shortcut keys to use for better workflow.

Hotkey Windows OSX Description
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X Cuts selected Nodes to the clipboard
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C Copies selected Nodes to the clipboard
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V Pastes Nodes in the clipboard
Focus F F Focus the workspace on all or selected Nodes
Create Node Spacebar Spacebar Opens the Create Node Menu

Context Menu

Right clicking within the workspace will open a context menu. Note that right clicking on an item within the workspace, such as a Node, will open the context menu for that item and not the workspace.

Item Description
Create Node Opens the Create Node Menu
Cut Cuts selected Nodes to the clipboard
Copy Copies selected Nodes to the clipboard
Paste Pastes Nodes in the clipboard
Delete Deletes selected Nodes
Duplicate Duplicates selected Nodes
Collapse Previews Collapses previews on all Nodes
Expand Previews Expands previews on all Nodes