Unlit Master Node


A Master Node for unlit materials.


Name Direction Type Stage Binding Description
Position Input Vector 3 Vertex None Defines the absolute object space vertex position per vertex
Color Input Vector 3 Fragment None Defines material's color value. Expected range 0 - 1.
Alpha Input Vector 1 Fragment None Defines material's alpha value. Used for transparency and/or alpha clip. Expected range 0 - 1.
Alpha Clip Threshold Input Vector 1 Fragment None Fragments with an alpha below this value will be discarded. Requires a node connection. Expected range 0 - 1.

Material Options

Unlit Master Node material options can be accessed by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner of the Unlit Master Node.

Name Type Options Description
Surface Dropdown Opaque, Transparent Defines if the material is transparent
Blend Dropdown Alpha, Premultiply, Additive, Multiply Defines blend mode of a transparent material
Two Sided Toggle True, False If true both front and back faces of the mesh are rendered