When using CodeFunctionNode you are able to define Ports with any Bindings that available in Shader Graph. For a full list of available Bindings see Port Bindings. When using CodeFunctionNode Bindings are defined using SlotAttribute.

For more information on how to create Nodes using CodeFunctionNode see Custom Nodes with CodeFunctionNode.

Below is a full list including the Port Bindings they map to.


SlotAttribute Binding Port Binding
ObjectSpaceNormal Normal (in object space)
ObjectSpaceTangent Tangent (in object space)
ObjectSpaceBitangent Bitangent (in object space)
ObjectSpacePosition Position (in object space)
ViewSpaceNormal Normal (in view space)
ViewSpaceTangent Tangent (in view space)
ViewSpaceBitangent Bitangent (in view space)
ViewSpacePosition Position (in view space)
WorldSpaceNormal Normal (in world space)
WorldSpaceTangent Tangent (in world space)
WorldSpaceBitangent Bitangent (in world space)
WorldSpacePosition Position (in world space)
TangentSpaceNormal Normal (in tangent space)
TangentSpaceTangent Tangent (in tangent space)
TangentSpaceBitangent Bitangent (in tangent space)
TangentSpacePosition Position (in tangent space)
MeshUV0 UV (channel 0)
MeshUV1 UV (channel 1)
MeshUV2 UV (channel 2)
MeshUV3 UV (channel 3)
ScreenPosition Screen Position (Default mode)
ObjectSpaceViewDirection View Direction (in object space)
ViewSpaceViewDirection View Direction (in view space)
WorldSpaceViewDirection View Direction (in world space)
TangentSpaceViewDirection View Direction (in tangent space)
VertexColor Vertex Color