Scene Color Node


Provides access to the current Camera's color buffer using input UV, which is expected to be normalized screen coordinates.

Note: The behaviour of this Node is undefined globally. The executed HLSL code for this Node is defined per Render Pipeline, and different Render Pipelines may produce different results. Custom Render Pipelines that wish to support this Node will also need to explicitly define the behaviour for it. If undefined this Node will return 0 (black).

Note: In Lightweight Render Pipeline this Node returns the value of the Camera Opaque Texture. See the Lightweight Render Pipeline for more documentation on this feature. The contents of this texture are only available for Transparent objects. Set the Surface Type dropdown on the Material Options panel of the Master Node to Transparent to receive the correct values from this node.

NOTE: This Node can only be used in the Fragment Shader Stage.

Unity Pipelines Supported

  • Lightweight Render Pipeline


Name Direction Type Binding Description
UV Input Vector 4 Screen Position Normalized screen coordinates
Out Output Vector 3 None Output value

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

void Unity_SceneColor_float(float4 UV, out float3 Out)