Object Node


Provides access to various parameters of the currently rendering Object.

Note: The behaviour of the Position Port can be defined per Render Pipeline. Different Render Pipelines may produce different results. If you're building a shader in one Render Pipeline that you want to use in both, try checking it in both pipelines before production.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
Position Output Vector 3 None Object position in world space
Scale Output Vector 3 None Object scale in world space

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

float3 _Object_Position = SHADERGRAPH_OBJECT_POSITION;
float3 _Object_Scale = float3(length(float3(UNITY_MATRIX_M[0].x, UNITY_MATRIX_M[1].x, UNITY_MATRIX_M[2].x)),
                             length(float3(UNITY_MATRIX_M[0].y, UNITY_MATRIX_M[1].y, UNITY_MATRIX_M[2].y)),
                             length(float3(UNITY_MATRIX_M[0].z, UNITY_MATRIX_M[1].z, UNITY_MATRIX_M[2].z)));