When using CodeFunctionNode you are able to define Ports of any type available in Shader Graph. For a full list of available types see Data Types. Defining Ports using CodeFunctionNode requires using specific types when defining a port via a method argument.

For more information on how to create Nodes using CodeFunctionNode see Custom Nodes with CodeFunctionNode.

Below is a full list including the Data Type they map to.

Port Types

Argument Type Data Type
Boolean Boolean
Vector1 Vector1
Vector2 Vector2
Vector3 Vector3
Vector4 Vector4
Color Vector4 (with a ColorRGBA Port Binding)
ColorRGBA Vector4 (with a ColorRGBA Port Binding)
ColorRGB Vector3 (with a ColorRGB Port Binding)
Texture2D Texture2D
Texture2DArray Texture2DArray
Texture3D Texture3D
Cubemap Cubemap
SamplerState SamplerState
DynamicDimensionVector DynamicVector
Matrix4x4 Matrix4
Matrix3x3 Matrix3
Matrix2x2 Matrix2
DynamicDimensionMatrix DynamicMatrix