Split Node


Splits the input vector In into four Vector 1 outputs R, G, B and A. These output vectors are defined by the individual channels of the input In; red, green, blue and alpha respectively. If the input vector In's dimension is less than 4 (Vector 4) the output values not present in the input will be 0.


Name Direction Type Binding Description
In Input Dynamic Vector None Input value
R Output Vector 1 None Red channel from input
G Output Vector 1 None Green channel from input
B Output Vector 1 None Blue channel from input
A Output Vector 1 None Alpha channel from input

Generated Code Example

The following example code represents one possible outcome of this node.

float _Split_R = In[0];
float _Split_G = In[1];
float _Split_B = 0;
float _Split_A = 0;