Noise Sine Wave Node


Returns the sine of the value of input In. For variance, psuedo-random noise is added to the amplitude of the sine wave, within a range determined by input Min Max.


Name Direction Type Description
In Input Dynamic Vector Input value
Min Max Input Vector 2 Minimum and Maximum values for noise intensity
Out Output Dynamic Vector Output value

Generated Code Example

void Unity_NoiseSineWave_float4(float4 In, float2 MinMax, out float4 Out)
    float sinIn = sin(In);
    float sinInOffset = sin(In + 1.0);
    float randomno =  frac(sin((sinIn - sinInOffset) * (12.9898 + 78.233))*43758.5453);
    float noise = lerp(MinMax.x, MinMax.y, randomno);
    Out = sinIn + noise;